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Last Updated Apr 17, 5: The report found that women earn 75 cents for every dollar men make. Sounds pretty conclusive, doesn’t it? According to highly acclaimed career expert and best-selling author, Marty Nemko , “The data is clear that for the same work men and women are paid roughly the same. The media need to look beyond the claims of feminist organizations. Even the White House report: Indicators of Social and Economic Well-Being explains why. Simply put, men choose higher-paying jobs. Here are 8 reasons why the widely accepted and reported concept that women are paid less than men is a myth. The timing couldn’t be better – today’s International Women’s Day

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Marijuana makes you sterile. Scientific studies conclude that marijuana has no permanent effect on either the male or female reproductive systems. While lab studies show heavy marijuana use may slightly lower sperm count temporarily, comprehensive evidence shows there has never been even a single case of infertility or reproductive abnormality due to marijuana. Likewise, there has been no evidence that marijuana lowers testosterone output in males. Cannabinoids in themselves are neither mutagenic nor carcinogenic, though tars from smoking marijuana may be carcinogenic, and therefore not recommended for pregnant women.

However, cannabinoids that are ingested by other means have no effect on pregnancies, and sometimes are even used to treat severe morning sickness or ease childbirth.

As I did research for this article, one word stood out to me: sex. It showed up everywhere. Even with recent advances in public acceptance for the LGBTQ community, the Internet is still obsessed with what goes on beneath the sheets between lesbian couples.

Background[ edit ] The psychologist Sigmund Freud at age 16 with his mother in A play based on the myth, Oedipus Rex , was written by Sophocles , ca. Modern productions of Sophocles’ play were staged in Paris and Vienna in the 19th century and were phenomenally successful in the s and s. The Austrian psychiatrist , Sigmund Freud — , attended. In his book The Interpretation of Dreams first published in , he proposed that an Oedipal desire is a universal, psychological phenomenon innate phylogenetic to human beings, and the cause of much unconscious guilt.

He based this on his analysis of his feelings attending the play, his anecdotal observations of neurotic or normal children, and on the fact that Oedipus Rex was effective on both ancient and modern audiences. He also claimed that the play Hamlet “has its roots in the same soil as Oedipus Rex”, and that the differences between the two plays are revealing. In Hamlet it remains repressed; and—just as in the case of a neurosis—we only learn of its existence from its inhibiting consequences. His destiny moves us only because it might have been ours—because the Oracle laid the same curse upon us before our birth as upon him.

It is the fate of all of us, perhaps, to direct our first sexual impulse towards our mother and our first hatred and our first murderous wish against our father.

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But thanks to the highly popular book-turned-movie series, many people are starting to talk about it, accept it, and even venture out into the kinky pleasures it brings. But what is BDSM exactly? For some, it is strictly a lifestyle, something they do. For others, it is an orientation, an integral part of who they are.

6 Marijuana Myths Debunked. Marijuana News News. October 15, Norm Schriever 1 Marijuana dating and social sites part of the new Weed economy. Dr. Oz features medical marijuana in World Health Day video. Feds approve up to $70 million for marijuana medical research.

Many of us have misconceptions or misunderstandings about herpes, what it is, and what it is to live life with the disease. These myths create fear and worse, contribute to the spread of the disease. By debunking these myths and raising awareness about herpes, we can help people lead a more fulfilling life. Following are the most common myths regarding herpes. There are several easy and simple steps you can take to prevent the spread of herpes. Abstinence should be practiced as soon as you feel the warning signs of an outbreak and during any active outbreak of the virus.

Wait seven days after the sores heal before resuming any sexual activity. Consistently using condoms during all sexual activity greatly helps in preventing the spread of the disease.

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Are men more romantic than women? Popular opinion would suggest not, but a new survey says that, in fact, men are way ahead when it comes to one area of romance. The study mentioned at the start only confirms an earlier poll by online dating website match. The same study then went on to debunk the stereotype completely. Another study, by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, also found that men start thinking about saying ‘I love you’ a good six weeks before women do.

The Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) supports information and polices related to marijuana that are grounded in science, compassion, health and human rights.

Most of the signifiers of puberty, like new body hair, acne, and new, weird scents suddenly being emitted from your body can seem confusing, and, at some points, pretty scary. Due to this overwhelming ish mystery of boobs, it is unsurprising, perhaps, that a lot of rumors about breasts have been proliferating for a number of years. But, as it turns out, many of these myths are fairly simple to disprove. So, check out these weird boob myths you probably believe that, you know, you should do your very best stop believing soon: That, like, if you do a certain kind of push-up or arm circle or buy a special springed weight and use it regularly, your boobs will grow to their fullest potential.

This is not true! You do, however, have some muscles under your breast tissue that you can work out. This won’t affect the size or shape of your breasts, but it can make your overall chest area seem more developed. Basically, if you do some push-ups, your boobs might look a little perkier. But they definitely won’t grow.

Top 5 Popular Myths About Sex Debunked

What do these statements have in common? Myths run rampant in the dating world too, especially where online dating is concerned. Based on findings from over 7, Tinder users and an additional 2, millennials speaking more generally about their dating lives, the survey tackled four major online dating myths.

“Christians don’t have fun!” and other Christian dating myths – debunked by lurvespy · Published 28/04/ · Updated 20/04/ There has been a lot of talk in the news recently regarding religion – Christianity particularly, and whether or not we are living in a Christian country.

Most of what we catch up on is inspiring, motivational and thought-provoking, some are heartwarming and some hilarious and bizarre, but some are ridiculous and are maybe stretching the truth a tad. All of these inspired us to debunk some myths we have heard about Workaway to help you all understand exactly what we are all about: You have to pay a lot of money to volunteer If we could shout this from the rooftops we would; we do not believe in making people pay to help or seek help.

We believing volunteering should be mutually beneficial to the host and the volunteer — with no money exchanged. You can only stay for a short period of time We must not have got the memo when we stayed for a few months at one of our projects then? The host will let you know how long they are looking for help for before you arrive so you know exactly the minimum time you will be there. In fact, there are a lot of hosts out there looking for long-term workawayers up to a year.

Saying that if you only have a short amount of time you can also volunteer for as little as 2 weeks.

4 Major Myths of Online Dating and Millennials, Debunked

Aging is a battle we all fight , and there are countless products designed to tap into our collective vanity — and wallets. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that not all anti-aging products, promises, and schemes are effective. Many make grand claims but deliver little in the way of visible results. The notion that high-end, exclusive, luxury products are somehow more effective is one of the biggest myths perpetuated by a multibillion-dollar anti-aging industry.

Dermatologists have said repeatedly that price does not equal quality.

9 Debunked Myths About White Girls Who Date Black Guys This doesn’t mean that white girls who date black guys think that they’re above black women. This is not to say that white privilege doesn’t exist, it just means that white women don’t think they can automatically get a black guy just by virtue of being white. Dating outside of my.

Apr 18, Getty Images Nobody wants to get divorced, but those statistics that get passed around make it seem like it’s an almost inevitable consequence of getting married. Truth is less grim than fiction here. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below Myth 1: One in two marriages ends in divorce. So are your chances for a happily ever after really that mediocre? In fact, the divorce rate has been steadily decreasing since the s, according to the National Marriage Project.

5 Myths That People Don’t Know Are Admitted Hoaxes

The first known traffic signal appeared in London in near the Houses of Parliament. Designed by JP Knight, it featured two semaphore arms and two gas lamps. The earliest electric traffic lights include Lester Wire’s two-color version set up in Salt Lake City circa , James Hoge’s system US patent 1, , installed in Cleveland by the American Traffic Signal Company in , and William Potts’ 4-way red-yellow-green lights introduced in Detroit beginning in

Christian Dating Myths Debunked. There is nothing worse than believing in something that is not real especially when it comes to your personal life.

Is there anyone who still believes this? Whenever you go out, keep this in mind: A man is confident and knows how to lead a woman and how to make decisions. But a man should also be passionate and capable of showing emotion toward a woman. Would you prefer a teddy bear to a real, live girl? Just as you like it when your girlfriend gives you a kiss or caresses your face, she also likes to feel the same kindness from you.

Jade Eggs and Gay Lions: The Biggest Myths Debunked in 2017

Interracial dating used to be illegal. Still, there are so many misconceptions surrounding the concept of interracial dating that need to be addressed once for all. Here are a few glaring ones. Interracial Relationships are Uncommon Some people think that interracial couples are some types of anomalies. In fact, the number of interracial couples has been on a constant rise ever since the ban on interracial marriage was removed some 50 years ago.

Love is winning over prejudice and racism and thankfully we have more and more mixed couples around us every day.

Online Dating Myths, Debunked. If men were getting lots of responses, going on dates, and having lots of sex – they wouldn’t be on Google looking for help with online dating.

Hide your crazy as long as possible. Win his friends over. Never try to compliment him on the size of his balls, because no matter what you say, it will come out as an insult. Granted, like three of them were before my sixteenth birthday, but the rest had real potential. Of those six, guess how many times I was right. A friend of mine had started dating a guy she really liked about a year ago, and pulled me aside one night to express her true feelings for him: Others look very hard when love finds them.

They really just are that stupid. Conversely, I have friends who have been in constant pursuit of boyfriends, dated very frequently in hopes of finding one, and very purposefully done and said the exact right things. You know where they are now? She was the girl of my DREAMS, but she had sex with me after two weeks, instead of waiting until the fifth proper date.

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Opinions Five myths about sharia Ibtihaj Muhammad leads an interactive fencing demonstration in New York. She chose her sport in part because it allowed her to compete while wearing the hijab. Falsehoods about Islam abound, and many of them center on what sharia is and what it is not.

Top 3 Dating Myths We Hear From Successful Women. When it comes to dating, we can be our own worst enemy—without even realizing it! Inundated with a plethora of love advice from countless sources, we occasionally internalize certain notions that not only impede our chances for happy relationships but are also, quite frankly, flat out wrong.

There is no other group of professionals — not scientists, not academic researchers, not journalists — that have more experience viewing and handling a large number and wide variety of penises. Additionally, prostitutes are probably the only professional group qualified to comment on how penises of differing sizes and shapes feel when they are inside a woman. It seems like every month another article about the latest penis size study is published.

Below are what I consider to be the three most common myths about penis size. They come in all shapes, lengths, widths, and colors. Some bend upwards, some downwards, some curve to the side. Some are almost the size of my forearm, some the size of my thumb.

5 Most Common Dating Myths!