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Edit The process of becoming a werewolf varies, but can usually be traced to one of three different points of origin. One may be have a curse put upon them which turns them into a werewolf against their will. Others may be members of an actual species of werewolf and thus, are born with their special traits. In most cases however, a person becomes a werewolf after having been bitten or scratched by another werewolf. The actual process of transformation classically takes place during the three nights of the full moon, but more modern werewolves have also been shown to transform at will regardless of the lunar phase. The physical elements of a werewolf are also very varied.

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Name[ edit ] The festival was originally known as Februa Latin for the “Purifications” or “Purgings” after the februum which was used on the day. The name Lupercalia was believed in antiquity to evince some connection with the Ancient Greek festival of the Arcadian Lykaia , a wolf festival Greek: The cave lay at the foot of the Palatine Hill , on which Romulus was thought to have founded Rome.

Like the cultivated fig, its fruit is pendulous, and the tree exudes a milky sap if cut, which makes it a good candidate for a cult of breastfeeding.

Stories containing Vampires and/or Werewolves and/or Witches. If the book is part of a series, please only vote for the first book. All Votes Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side (Jessica, #1) by. Beth Fantaskey (Goodreads Author) avg rating — 37, ratings.

Check out some of our other stuff! About The Werewolf Name Generator If you’ve been looking for a dangerous alter ego with a habit of transforming into a ravening beast when the moon is full, then you’ve come to the right place! This generator can give you a selection of random names, or it can create a distinct werewolf identity that’s based on your own unique name. It’s ideal if you need a name for a character in a tabletop roleplaying game like Werewolf: The Apocalypse , if you’re a writer looking for inspiration, or if you’re just in the mood for some horror-based imaginary fun!

There were already plenty of werewolf generators around when we built this generator, but we couldn’t find any that would give you the option of either random names or specific ones based on the user’s name. We also wanted a generator that would give you werewolf names that were distinctive and easy-to-remember but also poetic, with realistic first names, and surnames inspired by nature like the kind of characters that often turn up in Urban Fantasy books. We hope you enjoy The Werewolf Name Generator — and we’ll be adding an additional variety of new and distinctive names along with some character descriptions very soon!

There have been myths of men able to transform themselves into wolves in both the Greek and the Roman eras, but the modern concept of werewolves didn’t really start appearing until the 14th Century, in medieval Europe. It’s largely held that this had a lot to do with the presence of wolves in various areas of Europe as dangerous predators, as well as importance of the wolf in various German pagan traditions.

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Contact History of the Werewolf The history of the werewolf has roots in many different cultures, dating back to ancient times. One legend in particular refers to an early Native American tribe in the area that is now known as Wisconsin in the United States of America. It was here that members of the tribe most likely those who became the Fox tribe may have been the first to receive the gift of the werewolf.

In this legend, there is a spirit-god named Wisakachek Native American Mythology. He was a friend to humans whose default physical form was that of a wolf.

Probably one of the most well-known real werewolf sightings occurred in a small town in Wisconsin, dating back to the late s. In this particular case, more than one person has witnessed the same creature, with sightings happening at least a hundred times.

By Andrea Romano and Donte Neal In the age of online dating and “Netflix and chill,” real intimacy can seem like a rare and fictional beast. Sometimes, it can be tough to get to know your partner on a deeper level, even to the point where you’re starting to notice that they just disappear every full moon. As much as you’d like to shrug off their suspicious behavior, it might be a good idea to take a nice, long look at your relationship — you know, for your own safety. Romance can get a little hairy sometimes, so it’s important to look out for red flags.

You honestly thought they had a dog the first time you stayed over.

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Many historians and folklorists have pondered the origins of the belief in lycanthropy, which is really the human ability to change into not only wolves but bears, big cats and other dangerous creatures. Of all of these transformations though, that of man into wolf is the best known. This is largely due to the Old World traditions of wolves being feared as predators by the Europeans. There are many historical accounts of wolves preying on human beings during wars and hard winters, although not all of these accounts can be taken as fact.

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Alex Stevens as the werewolf. Werewolves have been featured in several television series dating back to the s. Quentin originally appeared as an angry malevolent spirit haunting his descendents in the playroom in the West Wing of Collinwood along with the ghost of his lover, Beth Chavez. Eventually, they took possession of both children and used them to serve their own interests. In an effort to save his family, the former vampire known as Barnabas Collins, used the cosmological principles of the I Ching to send his spirit backwards through time to the year unfortunately for Barnabas, this meant becoming a vampire once again as such was his physical state during that time period.

This series of episodes is commonly referred to as the ” flashback.


E-1 This so-called “Great Revelation” has split vampires into two camps: It has also caused similar divisions amongst non-vampires; some believe that they should be accepted and granted rights, while others view them as monsters to be destroyed. Throughout the series, other supernatural creatures are introduced, among them shapeshifters , werewolves , faeries , witches , and a maenad.

Werewolves are a tri-type. Trivia. The Werewolf classmate was released as of October 17, , as part of the Halloween update. They also came back in the October and update.

Their love story quickly became every teenage girls dream when it premiered in , shooting all Twilight actors to fame. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, with the fourth and final film, Breaking Dawn — Part 2, premiering five years ago. The wolves and vampires may have enjoyed their time together, but they soon went their separate ways.

The couple took their relationship public earlier this year, but Kristen is open to dating men in the future. Unlike his Twilight counterpart, however, the actor faces more realistic issues like finding love in Hollywood. Since finding himself a single man, R-Patts has found comfort in his friend Katy Perry. News of their break up came as a shock to their followers who had watched Lautner help his girlfriend deal with the grief following the loss of both her mother, Carrie Fisher and grandmother, Debbie Reynolds.

The couple first started dating before they tied the knot in April The actors have since expanded their clan to include a horse named Eagle , a kitten and most recently Nikki gave birth to a baby girl named Bodhi Soleil Reid Somerhalder. The starlet found her match in Australian personality Paul Khoury, whom she became engaged to last December.

Witches, Vampires and Werewolves – 10 Ghoulish Archaeological Discoveries

Another short story giving voice to the werewolf community and a note from the author, Douglas S. First off, thanks for dropping in on my most favorite part of the year and as for me, the best season of them all where nature sheds its dead any dying with the scent of burning leaves in the air. This blog is built, designed, and rocked by the dark creative powers of my tormented muses forged through my soul, heart, and mind.

Having a real go at it with the condemned creative spirits of my ancestors that are kicking up in a leaf-lifting small and chilling turbulence clearing a path before me as I stroll deeper in the core of my mind. Things have been hitting me really hard with life in general like I am on another plane of existence.

Real facts and fiction, stories, pictures, and history about Werewolves, vampires or lycanthropy.

A werewolf is a mythological human with the ability to transform into a wolf-like creature. Description of Werewolf The physical characteristics of werewolves tend to vary by ethic group and the Navajo call them skin-walkers and the Louisiana Rougarou is very similar , however they are generally thought of as big, hairy, humanoid wolves that can walk on their hind legs. Werewolves are described as being up to 8 feet tall, with a head that is shaped like a cross between a bear, a dog, and a wolf.

They have pointed ears and a long snout, and are often described as having amber-colored eyes that shine. Werewolves are known to be supremely agile and powerful, and purely carnivorous. In the mythology a person can transform into a werewolf by choice or be forced to by the appearance of the full moon. They can also be either born as a werewolf, cursed into becoming one or contract the curse or illness by being bitten or scratched by another werewolf.

The ancients believed that exhaustion could cure the affliction but the medieval remedies were more direct. Herbs like wolfsbane were thought to cure lycanthropy as was exorcism and even surgery! Even in death many believed that werewolf bodies needed special treatment to stop them coming back from the dead. Decapitation with a spade and a swift exorcism were the trick, with the head then being chucked into a river. Legends of werewolves date right back to early Indo-Eropean history and probably beyond.


Holding a complete fascination with vampires and werewolves, Kitty enjoys writing about the undead in their many forms in folklore. With the current obsession with vampires and werewolves, many people are in search or curious to find out what the history behind vampires and werewolves could uncover about these legendary figures. Are vampires and werewolves real? Do vampires and werewolves fight one another as modern-day filmmakers would have us believe, or do they know each other at all?

The Werewolf is a peculiar magical creature that is seldom seen in the series. One briefly appears in “Something Fishy this Way Comes” and two others in “Magic Enemy#1”, both episodes taking place in Season 2. Werewolves are just like human beings, but with wolf traits. The one seen in.

Offen If you are reading this article, obviously your suspicion has already arisen. Well, hopefully it is not too late. We hope Harry has been put to sleep. He destroyed the coffee maker and ate the goldfish in the lobby. Plus he killed some Mormons passing through. Here is what we here at Smosh wish we had known 3 weeks ago. Werewolves tend to resent Michael J.

Bring up Twilight at your own peril. Hip young werewolves like to do karaoke, but their singing is better described as howling. When most guys are checking out a hot girl, yours eyes a German Shepard. People who are allergic to dogs will sneeze when your beloved is nearby. Personal Hygiene Trouble Who keeps a vat of Nair from Costco in the bathroom and goes through 12 razors a week? The werewolf you are shagging.