8 reasons why How I Met Your Mother should’ve used its alternative ending

This piece contains major spoilers for the series finale. Or, no, wait, let me start over: Ted ends up with another woman, and then with Robin. Or, no, wait, let me start again: Ted ends up with another woman. Then that woman dies, no doubt in prolonged agony, as the result of a terminal illness. Prior to its disastrous finale—I laughed for 10 minutes after it cut to black, and not because of anything the creators intended to be funny—there was much to enjoy about How I Met Your Mother. There are certain states of mind recent break-ups, impending job loss, a truly inadvisable quantity of tequila the previous evening for which the only possible remedy is distracting oneself until the whole thing blows over.

How I Met Your Mother: 15 Reasons Ted And Robin Were Not Soulmates

You were troubled and messed up. Everyone else was busy, but I was there for you. I was there when you needed someone to lean on. I made time for you. I made an effort to help you.

This week on How I Met Your Mother, Barney met our it all happened six months before Lily got to her! Pin. When Season 9 of How I Met Your Mother began, we embarked on a train journey.

The TV Guidance column of the Canadian Maclean’s magazine has pointed out that the show has also indulged in single-episode catchphrases, which may or not be referenced later on but are otherwise contained only to that episode many Barneyisms fall into this category. Barney’s Blog Characterization Marches On: Barney was always an unrepentant womanizer, but in the earlier seasons he was more of a “date a woman for a few weeks, then dump them” instead of priding himself on being the master of the one night stand.

Women still hated him, but the group knew a few of his brief girlfriends. He constantly bemoaned the concept of doing anything other than seducing and bedding women and it becomes very significant in later seasons that he has next to no experience with relationships of any sort, however brief they may have been. This happens to Robin a lot as her personality didn’t really get developed in the first season.

For example, she doesn’t seem to have any problems socializing with other women in the first episodes and she isn’t that much of a tomboy. All but Ted got one. A fifth season episode revealed that all the main characters would relapse into smoking at various times but due to Ted being an Unreliable Narrator he never mentioned it until then Robin was shown smoking once in the second season, implying it was a regular thing for her.

How Your Mother Met Me

The season aired from September 24, to May 13, , and contained 24 episodes from Farhampton to Something New. Synopsis The first episode shows Ted sitting at the Farhampton train station after Barney and Robin’s Wedding ceremony. He recounts to an elderly woman Bernice about how Robin was nervous and considered climbing down the window of her dressing room.

To calm her down Ted starts telling her the story of what happened after he and Victoria drove off into the sunset. Future Ted then starts recounting the events of what happened in , where after driving away with Victoria, Ted tells her to write a note to leave for Klaus.

Mar 18,  · ‘How I Met Your Mother’ star Josh Radnor says that strangers come up to him all the time and share stories about how they met their significant others. VPC. Robin (Cobie Smulders) and Barney .

This is a somewhat lengthy attempt at explaining at least some of them. There’s two main parts to it, the second building off the first. The mother is dead or otherwise out of the picture, and Ted hasn’t been in his kids’ lives for a long time. The fact that Ted is telling his kids this long, overly convoluted story that is nominally about how he met their mother, but also includes basically the entire decade of his life before that means that he hasn’t told them any of that before.

Now some of the subject matter probably isn’t appropriate for younger children, but it seems to be all new information, and that Ted has never bothered to tell them anything about his life before meeting their mother. There’s plenty of things that would be appropriate and that kids would probably find funny, like, say, “When I was living in New York, my friends brought a goat into the bathroom of our apartment! Either he never really bothered, meaning something must have radically changed to make him want to tell his kids the entire story, or else he never had the opportunity to do so before then.

Secondly, Ted seems to have very little idea of what is appropriate for his teenaged kids to hear. He isn’t willing to mention smoking marijuana, but has absolutely no problem telling them about the endless parade of sluts he banged back in the day. Personally, I think a parent would be much more comfortable telling a ish year old about getting high around once a year than describing sex with a random stranger they had met a few hours before. But in Future Ted’s mind, occasional use of the least harmful drug there is is a big no-no, but tricking women into sex is completely fine.

And this is told to his teenage daughter.

How I Met Your Mother

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0; Amazon / How I Met Your Mother. Right from the start I knew you were my Robin. You were troubled and messed up. Everyone else was busy, but I was there for you.

Barney decides to bust Jerry John Lithgow out of the suburbs and take him on a wild night out on the town. For the purposes of the evening, he’s constructed new, cooler identities for his friends. You guys were cut together. Deep down you know you were never happier than when you were with her. Still, this little moment seems very loaded with possibility.

Is that Barney’s subconscious speaking about his true feelings for Robin, the things he can’t even admit to himself? Is it foreshadowing that Robin and Barney are the ones getting married in the premiere wedding? So Jerry downs a few shots and lets loose, but being a bit older, he does so in an incredibly embarrassing way that includes wearing his tie around his head and calling the club a disco. As Jerry and Barney sit on the curb in handcuffs, Jerry reveals that he’s not really drunk.

Surprisingly, Barney seems to take Jerry’s words to heart and have a real, genuine moment of self reflection. Jerry admits that settling down was difficult.

‘How I Met Your Mother’: Barney Proposes To Robin (VIDEO)

I just worry about you. I don’t want you to be the guy who lives in his stories. Life only moves forward.

What did you think of last night’s episode of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, “Robin ”?. Personally, I was pleasantly surprised by Barney’s behavior in this episode. When he and Robin first got.

September 24, 8: How I Met Your Mother spoilers ahead. The mark of a great show is when people still come up with theories long after its series finale. We know a couple super fans who cried angry tears and refused to talk about the show ever again. It was a last-minute move that shocked audiences. Now, a popular fan theory has resurfaced that could shed some light on the way Barney was portrayed. The theory posits that Ted was a very unreliable narrator.

You Were My Robin, But I Wasn’t Your Ted. I Was Your Barney.

The series begins in September with Ted Josh Radnor as a single, year-old architect living with his two best friends from his college years; Marshall Eriksen Jason Segel , a law student, and Lily Aldrin Alyson Hannigan , a kindergarten teacher and an aspiring artist. Lily and Marshall have been dating for almost nine years when Marshall finally proposes.

Their engagement causes Ted to think about marriage and finding his soul mate, much to the disgust of his self-appointed best friend Barney Stinson Neil Patrick Harris , whom he met in the restroom at a bar four years earlier.

The title of the show is How I Met Your Mother, not “How I Met My Wife, Whom I Stayed With Forever.” Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, series creators, always planned for Ted to end up with Robin, but.

Tracy was the bass player in the wedding band. The final episode skips through several years, where we learn that the marriage of Robin and Barney played by Cobie Smulders and Neil Patrick Harris split up because of her success as a television correspondent. Barney has a baby through a one-night stand and Marshall and Lily played by Jason Segel and Alyson Hannigan have three kids and he becomes a judge.

Ted and Tracy get married after a long engagement and the kids, but she falls sick and dies, a development that many fans speculated upon in recent weeks because of a foreshadowing in an earlier episode. After that, Ted wraps up the story – how I met your mother – that he had been telling his children throughout the length of the show. The children, however, tell him that it’s also a story about how he loves their Aunt Robin.

They say his attraction to her is obvious and that he should ask her on a date. Yet the producers made clear that Robin was not the ”mother” of the title, disappointing many of the show’s fans at the time. The children urge Ted to pick up the phone and call Robin. He thinks better of it and drives to her apartment. She opens the window to see him holding a blue horn – a reference to a story from when they had dated – and the series ends.

Double Date

A nice episode, but only fair compared to episodes from season 1 to 3 2 May by axel-koch — See all my reviews This is another one of the rather ridiculous How I Met Your Mother episodes, as its plot is about Ted having a blind date with a girl he’s had a blind date with 7 years ago. Of course, to bring up great jokes, we see both dates side by side as they run down practically identically.

Lindsay Sloane plays Ted’s date Jen and I really liked her, the two had a nice connection.

We pick from over episodes of CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother to select This all leaves Barney and Robin on a “bros” night out. out for Ted the eight steps of the titular dating.

May 14, Are Barney and Robin getting married? The first half-hour played out as a rather hilarious sort of mock-clip show, as we saw Ted and Robin try and distract Lily with as many random stories as they could to keep her mind off of some of the contractions she was having to deal with. The mystery door at the bar, Barney picking up women as the Terminator, and Barney falling on a banana peel numerous times.

While the two eventually got on a bus, it was heading for Buffalo — and it took some begging and some heart attacks from some of the senior citizens on board in order for the driver to redirect to New York City. The middle name was decided upon by Barney earlier in the episode, and it remains the most awesome middle name of all time.

Part Two — the mystery revealed Now, we turn to what may be an even-more important episode to longtime fans of the series — the occasion where we finally learn who was going to become the future Mrs.

How I Met Your Mother – Barney kisses Robin