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July 20, 8: It abandoned plans for a subscription video-on-demand service in June, just months after putting the plan into motion. Instead, Vimeo is aiming to bring on more creators to its platform. Sud worked at Amazon and Time Warner before joining Vimeo. Considered one of the most prescient sci-fi movies to grace the big screen, it predicted multiple future innovations, including facial recognition, personalize advertising and predictive crime fighting. The ominous yet soft-spoken computer system was the antagonist in ‘s ” MGM Elon Musk, Google and Uber have been duking it out to bring self-driving cars to the masses, but Arnold Schwarzenegger might have jumpstarted the competition when he took a robot-controlled ride in ‘s “Total Recall. Orion Pictures Virtual reality is taking over the tech scene.

Weed dating: Young farmers go looking for romance [VIDEO]

Test Results Maniac is Stranger Things after half a semester at a liberal arts college. It considers itself spiritual but not religious. It thinks cubicles are a metaphor. It has its doubts about Prozac. What Stranger Things is to the s horror, science fiction, and fantasy milieu reigned over by Spielberg, Carpenter, and King, Maniac — written by The Leftovers veteran Patrick Somerville and directed in its entirety by future James Bond auteur and True Detective Season One-derkind Cary Joji Fukunaga — is to the films of , give or take a year.

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Zack Schamberg Few markers of success are as universally agreed upon as getting your likeness plastered on the side of a New York City bus. Just last week she saw the face of her husband, Ben Sinclair, on a bus for the first time. Sinclair stars as The Guy, an unnamed, bike-riding dealer who doubles as a therapist of sorts to his clientele. Today marks the premiere of its second season.

The bus is just the beginning. Few web series get this kind of promotional push. But High Maintenance is at the center of a new online video experiment: Video streaming companies across the web have been pouring money into original programming to distinguish themselves from competitors both online and off and attract and retain more viewers. The benefit is relative to the business model: For sites like YouTube, bolstering original programming hopefully will lead to more viewers, which brings more advertising revenue; for Netflix, it means more subscribers joining and fingers crossed staying with the service.

“High Maintenance” Will Be Making A Triumphant Return on Vimeo On Demand

They somehow manage, in an effortless draw of allure, to be mysterious, charming, and mesmerizing – all at the same time. Their accents are the top of the list for what makes them irresistible, along with their generosity, warmheartedness and welcoming nature. Israeli men are not made for the modern day feminist; they’ll give you a taste of old school chivalry. You will feel safe, protected, and above all – loved. Hair Israeli men have been truly blessed with the gift of hair: I have honestly considered writing a letter of disapproval to the Israeli government for making their men shave their heads in the army.

Maniac is Stranger Things after half a semester at a liberal arts college. It’s back home during Thanksgiving break, first semester freshman year. It’s hanging out at the bar everyone goes to.

In our 21st century world, people will try anything to find a date: OKCupid, Facebook flirting, blind dates, and even occasional real-life interactions at bars. Does this seemingly special someone share similar hobbies? What about work ethic? Online Dating, Just for Farmers Earthly Delights Farm is one of a few farms that tries to help local single gardeners plant the seeds of love.

The ladies each get their own plot to garden, and the men take turns weeding with them. About 20 people showed up the first time, a crowd that more than doubled this year. She covered the difference between a weed and a vegetable or fruit plant, telling them to pass that along to the men. Curiously missing from her spiel: She that she started this off because she liked to see people with similar interests getting to know one another.

Online Dating Gets a Little Less Virtual An interest in weeding may be more important than you think for many of the people who showed up. After all was said, done, and sufficiently weeded, the men could either approach the women on their own or leave a note in a mason jar for the women they liked best.

Someone recently asked me: “Why do Muzungu women like dating Rastas?”

That might not sound like the most riveting storyline for a show, but this guy is a pot dealer in Brooklyn, and each episode of High Maintenance follows a different transaction, and then some. The show is Vimeo’s first foray into original Web TV, and it’s been getting raves. The New Yorker calls it “luxurious and twisty and humane, radiating new ideas about storytelling. His phone is constantly chirping with calls from his delightfully strange and diverse clientele.

There’s a gruff bird watcher, an anxious assistant buying weed for her boss, a cross-dressing dad with writer’s block, and a longtime buyer who’s deflated when the dealer tells him the girl he’s dating is homeless. Courtesy of Janky Clown Productions Equal parts poignancy and wry humor, High Maintenance is built around these oddly intimate transactions.

The difference between Soviet era missile technology and Russian current missile technology. the Soviets did not have the access to the precision manufacturing technology that the West used.

They obviously did not find each other at any of the dating sites listed below. Strange Online Dating Sites One of the great things about the internet is that it allows people from all over the world to communicate and find each other based on common interests. For some, this means joining an online forum on gardening, or animals, or whatever. But what if you are looking for love online?

There are many websites that offer online dating, and I am sure most of you have heard or seen the ads for some of the larger and best established sites such as eHarmony, or Match. But what if, let’s be honest now, you are just a bit okay very weird and have eccentic tastes in romantic partners.

Macho Hunk

But that really depends on you and how important is to you that your partner is down to vape and chill. We’ve already looked at a few of the most popular apps. Every election cycle proves that attitudes about marijuana are rapidly shifting across the country.

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Here are five to watch. Little Horribles A graduate of Capitol Hill and former producer of political viral videos, polyglot entertainer Amy York Rubin recast herself as a hapless Los Angeles lesbian for a web series called Little Horribles. She masturbates in Los Angeles traffic; she binge-eats in a hotel room on vacation while her family goes out and performs cheerful family activities. The show massages the line between feeling like a crazy person and feeling surrounded by crazy people in a really delightful way.

Little Horribles has a natural kinship with Broad City in both spirit and in form — the episodes are manageably short generally under five minutes , focusing on single scenarios that could easily be expanded to Comedy Central episode lengths. And Ilana Glazer herself is featured in one installment of the show, as the aforementioned co-worker with Gchat problems.

Weed Dating: A Truly Organic Way To Meet People

Shares 2K From farms to college campuses, singles are lining up to dig up some romance. Lines of men and women face each other across a row of vegetables in need of some TLC. They weed and get to know each other. After a set amount of time, either the men or women move down to the next partner.

This position is all about control — so take it from the get-go and have your partner lie faceup on the bed. Turn around and straddle him — so your back is toward him — and then lower.

The Orion constellation is a pattern of stars that is repeated in monuments throughout the ancient world, from Egypt to Mexico, this constellation has been the center of the skies for our ancestors, but why was Orion so important to the ancient civilizations? Why are monuments, such as the Pyramids of Egypt mapped in such a way that these constructions mimic the skies? It is consistently oriented 15 to 25 degrees east of true north, and the front wall of the Pyramid of the Sun is exactly perpendicular to the point on the horizon where the sun sets on the equinoxes.

The Avenue of the Dead points at the setting of the Pleiades. Another alignment is to the dog star Sirius, sacred to the ancient Egyptians, which has led some to suggest a link between the great pyramids of Egypt and Mexico. Orion, more than a constellation, s global phenomena. The Orion constellation Orion is clearly visible in the night sky from November to February. Orion is in the southwest sky if you are in the Northern Hemisphere or the northwestern sky if you are in the Southern Hemisphere.

It is best seen between latitudes 85 and degrees. Its right ascension is 5 hours, and its declination is 5 degrees. Betelgeuse, the second brightest star in Orion, establishes the right shoulder of the hunter.