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Colombia Comcel
Сайт оператора:  www.comcel.com

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10.03.2009 - Совместная акция с СМСРЕНТ

Рады Вам сообщить, что до конца марта 2009 г. клиенты СМС-биллинга СМСРЕНТ могут приобрести...

11.12.2008 - Статья "Применение системы MOOPED в мобильной коммерции."

Опубликована статья, которая  является первой из серии статей, посвященных использованию системы MOOPED. В ней...

02.12.2008 - Запуск системы определения сотового оператора MOOPED

С 1 декабря 2008 года Вы можете приобрести систему MOOPED. Мы предлагаем продукты, которые помогут Вам узнать больше...


www.megastock.ru     WM  414100437317

Информация по оператору Telenor

Логотип оператора  (Telenor)
Сайт: www.telenor.com.pk
Стандарты:GSM 1800
Абонентов:19,8 млн.
Выручка:148 млн.$ на 3Q 2008
Прибыль:не указано
MoU:146 мин.

Telenor Pakistan is 100% owned by Telenor ASA and adds on to its operations in Asia together with Thailand, Malaysia and Bangladesh.

Telenor Pakistan launched its operations in March 2005 as the single largest direct European investment in Pakistan, setting precedence for further foreign investments in the telecom sector. The company has covered several milestones over the past twenty eight months and grown in a number of directions, we have grown to become a leading telecom operator in the country. In fiscal year 2006, we achieved nearly 200% growth in our subscriber base – the highest in the industry by a wide margin.

We are the fastest growing mobile network in the country, with coverage reaching deep into many of the remotest areas of Pakistan. In the most difficult terrains of the country, from the hilly northern areas to the sprawling deserts in the south, at times we are the only operator connecting the previously unconnected.

We are keeping ahead by investing heavily in infrastructure expansion. With USD1 billion already invested, we have extended agreements with our vendors for network expansion and services until 2009. The agreements, with a potential to result in USD750 million worth of orders from Telenor Pakistan, are some of the biggest of their kind in the industry.

We are spread across Pakistan, creating 2,500 direct and 25,000-plus indirect employment opportunities. We have a network of 23 company-owned sales and service centers, more than 200 franchisees and some 100,000 retail outlets.

Список всех операторов в стране Пакистан

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