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Maxis Berhad
Malaysia Maxis Berhad
Сайт оператора:  www.maxis.com.my

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10.03.2009 - Совместная акция с СМСРЕНТ

Рады Вам сообщить, что до конца марта 2009 г. клиенты СМС-биллинга СМСРЕНТ могут приобрести...

11.12.2008 - Статья "Применение системы MOOPED в мобильной коммерции."

Опубликована статья, которая  является первой из серии статей, посвященных использованию системы MOOPED. В ней...

02.12.2008 - Запуск системы определения сотового оператора MOOPED

С 1 декабря 2008 года Вы можете приобрести систему MOOPED. Мы предлагаем продукты, которые помогут Вам узнать больше...


www.megastock.ru     WM  414100437317

Информация по оператору T-Mobile (Македония) (T-Mobile (Macedonia))

Логотип оператора T-Mobile (Македония) (T-Mobile (Macedonia))
Сайт: www.t-mobile.com.mk
Стандарты:GSM 900
Абонентов:1,2 млн.
Выручка:не указано
Прибыль:не указано
ARPU:не указано
MoU:не указано

Т-Mobile is the first mobile operator in Macedonia and a leader in the mobile market. The company has been active since September 1996. In 2006 the company was re-named into Т-Mobile Macedonia, becoming part of the international Т-Mobile family with more than 112 million customers.

The confidence of more than 1 200 000 subscribers, confirms our leading position and obliges us to continue our mission – to become the most highly regarded service company. We are proud of our network quality, which we continuously upgrade to provide high quality and affordable services. Our network covers 99,9% of the population and over 98,5% of the territory of the Republic of Macedonia.

In Macedonia T-Mobile is recognized as the innovation leader. The company was first to introduce GPRS and EDGE thus significantly increasing the data transfer speed. By following T-Mobile service strategy, we are seeking converged internet and mobile services. Thus, in December, 2007 we introduced “webSMS”; “Web’n’Walk“and “Push Mail” services.

We have a sales network of 130 shops with a contemporary design which are ready to serve the customers in the best possible way. With this we are close to our customers and ready to serve wherever they prefer.

Т-Mobile customers can communicate all over the world, using our roaming service offered in over 90 countries.

As a successful company, we feel responsible towards society and we invest in Macedonia. Through the Foundation Т-Mobile for Macedonia numerous humanitarian activities are conducted. We take care of the environment, with strict eco activities to keep Macedonia clean and safe.

Список всех операторов в стране Македония

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