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Indonesia Indosat
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10.03.2009 - Совместная акция с СМСРЕНТ

Рады Вам сообщить, что до конца марта 2009 г. клиенты СМС-биллинга СМСРЕНТ могут приобрести...

11.12.2008 - Статья "Применение системы MOOPED в мобильной коммерции."

Опубликована статья, которая  является первой из серии статей, посвященных использованию системы MOOPED. В ней...

02.12.2008 - Запуск системы определения сотового оператора MOOPED

С 1 декабря 2008 года Вы можете приобрести систему MOOPED. Мы предлагаем продукты, которые помогут Вам узнать больше...


www.megastock.ru     WM  414100437317

Информация по оператору ProMonte

Логотип оператора  (ProMonte)
Сайт: www.promonte.com
Стандарты:GSM 1800
Абонентов:533 тыс.
Выручка:41 млн.$ на 3Q 2008
Прибыль:не указано
MoU:120 мин.

Promonte is the leading provider of mobile telecommunication services in Montenegro. It was the first mobile operator in Montenegro when started writing the history of mobile communication on 10 July 1996. Promonte has been a part of the Telenor family from the first day, and since 11 August 2004 it has been 100% owned by Telenor. With its headquarters in Norway, Telenor is the world seventh largest mobile operator with close to 150 million subscriptions in 12 mobile operators across Europe and Asia. Telenor is emerging as one of the fastest growing providers of mobile communications services worldwide.

Since the commercial launch of GSM in 1996, Promonte is positioned as an innovative and quality operator within all segments, focusing its products and services on simplicity of tariff structure and user-friendliness. Promonte, with licenses for GSM, 3G and WiMax technologies, offers mobile voice, roaming, value-added services and mobile data services over GPRS-EGDE-3G-HSDPA-WiMax-WiFi to its subscribers on both, prepaid and contract basis.

Promonte provides its customers with secure, simple and high quality communication with family, friends and business partners both in the country and abroad.

Our company’s ambition is to maintain the leading position in the field of social responsibility and to reinforce integration of this approach in all spheres of our operations. We are especially proud of our projects in supporting health, education, culture, and sports and we are also focused on environmental protection and activities related to reduction of global warming.

Being among the most attractive employers in Montenegro, currently Promonte has almost 300 employees, out of which more then half are university and college graduates. Of the total staff number, 45% are women and they are equally represented in the company's management.

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