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France Orange
Сайт оператора:  www.orange.fr

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10.03.2009 - Совместная акция с СМСРЕНТ

Рады Вам сообщить, что до конца марта 2009 г. клиенты СМС-биллинга СМСРЕНТ могут приобрести...

11.12.2008 - Статья "Применение системы MOOPED в мобильной коммерции."

Опубликована статья, которая  является первой из серии статей, посвященных использованию системы MOOPED. В ней...

02.12.2008 - Запуск системы определения сотового оператора MOOPED

С 1 декабря 2008 года Вы можете приобрести систему MOOPED. Мы предлагаем продукты, которые помогут Вам узнать больше...


www.megastock.ru     WM  414100437317

Информация по оператору China Mobile

Логотип оператора  (China Mobile)
Сайт: www.chinamobile.com
Стандарты:GSM 900,GSM 1800
Абонентов:457 млн.
Выручка:60400 млн.$ на 4Q 2008
Прибыль:16514 млн.$ на 4Q 2008
MoU:496 мин.

Officially established on April 20th, 2000, China Mobile Communications Corporation (“China Mobile” for short) has a registered capital of 51.8 billion RMB yuan and assets of over 400 billion RMB yuan. It fully holds the equity of China Mobile (HK) Group Limited. China Mobile Limited, of which China Mobile (HK) Group Limited is the major shareholder, set wholly-owned subsidiaries in 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) in China and went public in Hong Kong and New York Stock Exchanges. Currently, in terms of its market value, China Mobile Limited is the largest among all the overseas listed Chinese companies and among all the telecom carriers in Asia. China Mobile operates not only basic mobile voice services but also value-added services such as data,IP telephone and multimedia.It has the right to operate Internet services and the international gateways,reputed for its brands like GOTOne,Easy-own and M-Zone,and provides services through network numbers of 139,138,137,136,135,134(0-8)and159.</p> <p>China Mobile has been playing a leading role in the development of the mobile communications industry in China and holds an important position in the international arena as well.After over ten years of efforts, China Mobile has established a comprehensive network with large coverage,high quality,rich variety of businesses and first-class customer services. It ranks the first in the world in terms of the network scale and the customer base.By the end of 2005,100% of the counties(cites)had been covered by network with seamless coverage on the backbone lines and indoor coverage in key urban areas.The total number of customers had esceeded 240 million. China Mobile has provided GSM roaming services with over 271 operators in 206 countries and regions and GPRS roaning services with 93 operators in 101 countries and regions in the world.Its mobile short messages can be sent to 214 operators in 106 countries and regions and multimedia messages to 21 operators in 6 countries and regions.</p> <p>China Mobile has successfully attracted investment from the international capital market with its sound performance and great development potential.Being included in the Fortune Top 500 for 5 consecutive yeas, China Mobile's latest ranking is No.224.It also ranks the 4th and 2nd in the Top 500 Chinese Enterprises in terms of its overall strength and service provision respectively by the China Enterprise Confederation and China Enterprise Directors Association in 2005.The listed company of China Mobile has been the only Chinese company among the Forbes Top 400 World's Best Big Companies for 3 consecutive yeas. China Mobile is not only a profitable company with robust financial performance and stable cash flow,but also the one with growing potentials and prospects.Looking forward,China Mobile defines its strategic goal of "becoming a worldwide leader in the telecommunications world and achieving leapfrog evolution from excellence to preeminence.To this end,China Mobile will adhere to its core value proposition of Responsibility Makes Perfection and spare no effort to improve its competitiveness by implementing the concept of scientific development. with its well-built operation system,outstanding organization structure and fully-trained personnel, China Mobile aims at building a framework of One CM featuring mobile and information expertise and best service quality.
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